KaroKonnect is a creatively focused digital agency collaborating with leading global brands since 2015.

Our process is personalized to each brand and project, working closely and collaboratively to deliver results. We’re your secret weapon in the communication battle and team up with you to provide innovative and market-leading campaigns on social, digital & PR platforms.

We create communication that informs, engages and builds rapport with your audience, using data to make the right decisions in real-time.

We are part of your Team

Our Process

Our Process

Our Values

True collaboration leads to real results

At KaroKonnect, we believe that our team is a part of your team. A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving leads to creative solutions that work.

You can see us at work, and through our project management tools, you can stay updated on project status, make adjustments, edit, and fine-tune your communications in real-time.

Present creative concepts and provide artistic direction;

Work together with a copywriter, strategists and account services;

Provide artistic direction for photography, film, animation and digital applications;

Present creative to clients;

Develop new 360o creative approaches;

Contribute, through a creative approach, to the constant evolution of Sid Lee’s creative product.

Genuine collaboration is a meeting of minds that helps spark innovation. Working closely with you and your brand team is not optional; it’s imperative to consistently ensure the highest standard of work.

We believe in planning and budgeting simply and transparently, so you can analyze results at all times. Our data-driven team monitors and adapts to real-world conditions to ensure optimal results for each campaign.

Signature Process



By asking the right questions, we arrive at answers that work

Signature Process



To meet challenges, we take an original approach

Signature Process



Based on data & insights, we create a winning strategy

Signature Process



After extensive testing, we are ready to roll

Signature Process



Post-launch we’re there to support your campaign all the way

Signature Process

Why us

Why us

Dream Team

We are a team of professionals who deliver personalized solutions that work - creating winning strategies and creatives in record time. We know that it takes a human touch to engage your audience and a strategic soul to gain insights that resonate.

Work Proud

Don’t just judge us on our words, have a look at our portfolio. We have created innovative campaigns for a range of national and international brands that speak of our talent.


Data drives our success and yours; we scout out trends and create campaigns that reflect these. We are adaptable, flexible and primed to pivot in real-time for optimal performance.


Success comes with a winning mentality - that means bursting through creative barriers achieving the next level of greatness. Innovation is part of the Karokonnect DNA and the only way we know how to communicate to your audience.