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The Importance of SEO in Driving Organic Traffic

January 3, 2024


Organic traffic represents the flow of people who visit your website through search engines that your company does not pay. Therefore, it is generated when a person searches major engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and your website appears as a suggestion for that person's query.

This resource is essential, primarily due to the large volume of people the company can reach, in addition to the fact that the prime positioning of your content generally remains long-term. This modality is called organic because it does not require payment or promotion to bring people to your communication channels. Individuals find your content mainly due to its quality and relative position in search engines.

What are the primary sources of organic traffic?

Your business can consider a few options to get a good flow of organic traffic. Below, see the primary sources you can explore for this purpose.

Keywords searched in search engines

The most common organic traffic comes from search engines, led by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, when people query. To obtain relevant information on the Internet, many people use keywords in searches on a topic of interest. Thus, whenever your digital channels have content that addresses these topics, they appear as a suggestion for users. This way, many people interested in topics aligned with your company's can be sent daily to your website or blog.

Social networks

Social networks also help generate a good flow of organic traffic. Through them, you can share videos, posts, photos, and other records to engage your page visitors. Therefore, it is vital to include some links in your social media content that direct to the website, blog, or virtual store if you have one. Regardless of the destination, capturing potential customers on social networks can reinforce the flow of visits you receive through search engines. Therefore, it is worth identifying which social network your audience is most active on and developing a good editorial calendar to maintain a constant production of content on this channel.

Relevant content

Creating quality content that is clear and efficiently organized is one of the best ways to generate value on the Internet and increase the volume of visits to your channels. People are often motivated to share the content with others with similar interests when itis helpful, compelling, and informative. In this way, your company manages to build authority, receive more visitors, and create the necessary conditions to expand the customer base. Furthermore, this type of content not only serves to attract but also to retain, qualify, and guide your customers in adequately using your solutions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for distributing valuable content, cultivating potential customers, and creating along-lasting relationship with your customers. Therefore, besides being an important source of traffic for your channels, since you can include several links in your emails, you can generate public interest for a new launch, invite to events, or distribute personalized offers.

What are the factors that influence organic traffic?

Organic traffic is affected by several criteria related to your content's quality, relevance, and readability. The more original, well-organized, and clear the content, the better it will perform. However, several elements must be taken into account when creating your materials. These are:

· Search engine optimization (SEO): a set of practices that aims to optimize text so that a search engine suggests it is one of the main factors that affect organic traffic. This involves a set of rules that contribute to the optimization of the content of your website to improve its ranking;

· Relevant content: Developing quality content keeps people interested, makes them stay longer on your page, and makes them trust the information transmitted by your company. Therefore, it is essential that the content is aligned with the needs, wants, and interests of the audience;

· Internal and external links also help increase traffic in your communication channels. When creating a post on a particular topic, you can include some links to related topics or to a solution that is consistent with the proposed topic;

· Keywords: Selecting keywords, that is, topics of great interest to the public, is very important to obtain good rankings and attract more visitors. These terms should appear in the titles, subtitles, and the opening and closing of the text to make it easier for search engines to find your content.

What is the importance of organic traffic for your digital strategy?

There are several advantages to investing in ways to increase organic traffic. Through this option, you improve the allocation of company resources and can attract many clients. Below, we show you the benefits of investing in organic traffic.

Enables scale gain

The first great advantage of organic traffic is that it allows for a better allocation of the company's money. Compared to other alternatives to attract clients, it is usually cheaper and provides results for longer. This way, you don't spend as much on marketing strategies and have money to invest in good tools that will help optimize the results you have already obtained. Therefore, actions to increase organic traffic are excellent alternatives if you want an option to use in the digital medium.

Possible results

Finding ways to scale your actions and reach more people to buy from your company is essential. In this sense, investing in organic traffic represents a good option. For example, this type of strategy has the potential to go viral and increase the number of views on your channel. Unlike other alternatives, it does not require as much spending. It is still possible to enhance results by combining them with different strategies. For example, by developing good content for organic, you can use paid traffic to attract even more consumers. For that, it is essential to create credible content that is informative and engaging to your particular audience.


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