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Target Audience: What is it and How to Create One?

November 24, 2023


These days, there is a lot of talk about the buyer persona and its importance for any digital marketing strategy. However, long before that, marketing campaigns were always directed toward a specific audience, known as the target audience. This form of segmentation allowed us to achieve excellent results for years, so today, let's try to understand better how it works.

The digital world has brought many changes, not only related to technology but has also influenced many aspects of communication. However, the methods and systems used before this entire revolution also achieved good results. That is why we must know what they were based on and how to apply that knowledge to complement the current techniques. One of marketing's benefits is its power to reach many people through methods that allow you to promote a product, service or brand. You can define the target audience before choosing the best strategy.

What is the target audience?

The target audience is a group that meets the general characteristics of the individuals who consume or need our product, service or brand. We can define our target audience through demographic criteria, such as age, sex and socioeconomic level. This information can be complemented with other data according to our segment.

At Karokonnect, we know that each type of audience demands a different treatment; addressing a 63-year-old woman is not the same as a 22-year-oldyoung man. Choosing the paths to reach the target audience becomes easier based on the precise definition of a target audience.

How is the Target Audience Built?

To build the target audience for your business, you have to know some characteristics of the group you want to become future customers. The essential data you need about them are:

·       Gender

·       Age

·       Location

·       Social class

·       Buying power

With this data, you can now create your target audience, considering the ranges of the majority.

The way your Campaigns will be created:

The visual part of your campaigns also depends on your audience, from the colours to the type of images you will use. If you know who you are addressing, it will be easier to choose these details correctly.

Media where your Campaigns will be Published

Knowing the audience will make it so much easier for you to understand which media they consume most frequently, and that is where you should direct your campaigns. This way, you can reach an audience that can learn about your product and hopefully try it once and become regular consumers.

As a consequence of having defined all this, you Optimize your Resources

By focusing on an audience with a higher probability of becoming a customer, you obtain better results, and by directing all your efforts at them, you spend much less than if you had targeted everyone. To create an effective strategy, the more information about your audience you can use to your advantage in your campaigns, the better.

Knowing your market lets you more easily decide the most effective marketing actions. This will let you know which steps to invest in and which can become useless expenses. You don't want to waste your time and money with those who will probably never become your clients.

What is the Difference between the Target Audience and the Buyer Persona?

In digital marketing, the term target audience has been replaced by buyer persona. They have many similarities but also significant differences. Let's see a little more about this.

The buyer persona is something more specific than the target audience. While the target audience is defined in a general way, the buyer persona is the ideal client defined with all their characteristics, even the most minimal, taking into account their needs, problems and desires. The target audience is a group of people, and the buyer persona is only one; they can even have a name and, in some cases, even a physical image to define them more clearly.


In conclusion, understanding your target audience is imperative for effective marketing. It represents a specific group of individuals with shared characteristics, making it easier to tailor campaigns and reach potentialcustomers. Creating a target audience involves gathering demographic data, optimizing resources, and increasing conversion chances.

In digital marketing, the buyer persona is created with a more detailed approach, defining an ideal customer with specific needs and desires. It goes beyond the target audience, offering personalized insights for highly effective marketing. Combining both techniques, as we do at Karokonnect, can enhance your marketing strategy and results.

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